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Iso Propyl Alcohol (IPA)

Isopropyl alcohol (IUPAC name propan-2-ol; commonly called isopropanol or 2-propanol) is a colorless, flammable chemical compound (chemical formula CH3CHOHCH3) with a strong odor.[8] As an isopropyl group linked to a hydroxyl group, it is the simplest example of a secondary alcohol, where the alcohol carbon atom is attached to two other carbon atoms. It is a structural isomer of 1-propanol and ethyl methyl ether.



IPA 99% is frequently formulated into aftershaves, bath products, cosmetics, hand sanitizers, lotions, and perfumes as an extractant, diluent, anti-foam, or surfactant. It is extensively used in the nail care industry for making polishes and for cleaning nails. IPA 99% in the polish aids smooth application and evaporates rapidly. Salon workers then use IPA 99% to clean, imparting high shine to the nail surface. ACS/USP/NF grade is required for personal care products that are processed with IPA.


For manufacturing medicines, IPA 99%  is used to create, purify, and analyze compounds, as well as to decontaminate the reactors. Whether synthesizing amino acids, and polypeptides, it is a protic solvent is for many multi-step organic reactions.

IPA 99% is also suitable for running lab analyses such as HPLC, GC, fluorescence, or TLC for characterization and quantification of chemicals. In 2009 there was a worldwide shortage of acetonitrile, a common solvent for reverse phase HPLC and UPLC, so scientists developed more eluent systems with IPA [3]. Because this grade is micron filtered and has low non-volatile content, further filtration is not required. Since it is controlled for UV absorbance, it is suitable for critical analyses.


IPA 99% is used for general sterilization in medical facilities. Hospitals and clinics use IPA to sterilize medical equipment, to clean surfaces, and for skin treatments and dressing. Since it has a low flashpoint, it should be stored away from ignition sources.


The automotive industry uses IPA 99% for car care. Car detailers usually use IPA to strip waxes from cars before painting or polishing and to thin lacquer. Since it is a thawing agent, it is often added to windshield washes or to fuel tanks to solubilize water so that it does not separate out from the gas and freeze in the lines.


IPA 99% is a common cleaner and degreaser of cables, connectors, electrical contacts, LCDs, keypads, glass, fiber optics, cables, keypads, and tape heads. Since water poses a shock hazard when working with electrical components, using water-free IPA to clean electronics is compulsory for safety.

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(1-methylethanol / 1-methylethyl alcohol / 2-hydroxypropane / 2-propanol,anhydrous / 2-propyl alcohol / AI3-01636 / alcojel / alcosolve / AVANTIN / AVANTINE / caswell No 507 / chromar (=2-propanol) / combi-schutz / CORONA WIRE CLEANER (=2-propanol) / CTL R-53 reducer / dimethyl carbinol / DISK DRIVE HEAD CLEANING KIT (=2-propanol) / ethyl carbinol / hartosol / hydroxypropane / imsol A / IPA / IPA SGL / IPA T1 / IPA USP / IPA, anhydrous / IPA-EG / ipropanol / i-propylalcohol / isoethylcarbinol / isohol / Isopropanol (isopropyl alcohol) / isopropanol,anhydrous / iso-propyl alcohol / isopropyl alcohol,anhydrous / KENCO #880-T FLUX THINNER (=2-propanol) / LENS CLENS #3 (=2-propanol) / lutosol / normal-propan-2-ol / n-propan-2-ol / perspirit / persprit / petrohol / PRO / propan-2-ol / propyl alcohol(=sec-propyl alcohol) / pseudo-propyl alcohol / secondary-propyl alcohol / sec-propanol / sec-propyl alcohol / spectrar / STCC 4904205 / sterisol hand disinfectant / takineocol / TEXPADS / visco 1152 / XEROX FILM REMOVER

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